I am a native Hungarian freelance conference interpreter, sworn and certified/social interpreter/translator offering a wide range of interpreting and translation services from and into English and Dutch and Hungarian.

I am based in Brussels and can provide customers throughout Benelux, Hungary or any other European countries.



Simultaneous interpreting

Real-time interpretation at conferences/events and meetings provided by two or more interpreters from an interpretation booth.

Consecutive interpreting

Following (part of) a speech of the speaker the interpreter translates into the target language by means of note-taking.

Liaison interpreting

During a conversation, the interpreter translates into the target language after each intervention.

Whispering interpreting

The interpreter sits next to a participant and whispers the translation in real-time.

Court interpreting

Providing interpretation services in courtroom and/or during every stage of a legal procedure, as well as for police and immigration instances (hearings, interrogations of parties or witnesses).

Social interpreter

The certified interpreter works on behalf of a governmental body, a social worker or a civil servant in a social context.


Legal translation

Translation of court decisions, litigation documents, purchase and sale agreements, lease contracts, deed of foundation, declaration etc.

Sworn translation/ Certified translation

Translation of official documents, certificates, licences, apostille containing the translator’s statement certifying that the translation is in full conformity with the original text. The qualified translator’s name, signature, registration and the date are also included.

Legalised/notarised translation

A certified translation can be legalised or notarised by the Court of First Instance by means of stamping. Such a legalised translation is an official, legally accepted document.

Proofreading, revision and correction

Correction of misspellings, typographical mistakes and omitted words. Comparing the source text with the translation, check and correction of any kind of errors: inaccuracies in comprehension, meaning, grammar, terminology and style.

Social translator

The certified translator works on behalf of a governmental body, a social worker or a civil servant and translates informative and official documents.


Hella Povazsay

Hella Povazsay
Moortebeekstraat 64
1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Brussels)

GSM: +32(0)496609933
Email: hella@hungarian-interpreter.eu
Website: www.hungarian-interpreter.eu

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